Friendly Photo Zone (or FPZ) is for those who are passionate about photography. Although the equipment is important, it is the finished image that really counts, whether it be an image you display on your computer desktop, email to friends, or print out to hang on to your wall.

We focus on coming together and helping each other take better pictures, images that we can look at in the future with pride and say to ourselves "I took that picture". With that in mind we currently provide you a place to share your images, a forum to discuss photography and a critique area where you will get honest and constructive feedback. We have some professionals on board to give us the benefit of their experience.

In the very near future, we intend to host contests where you can pit your skills against others at the same level as yourself or above. There will be a section where you can buy/sell/trade your used equipment, plenty of educational articles and links, and many other things that will make this community unique. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate (and friendliest) photographer's resource on the web.

"How do you do that?" This is the 'go to' place to ask that question of your fellow photographers.

If you love photography, we hope you'll consider becoming a member. But if you just want to have a look around that's fine too and we hope you like what you see.

The following were written to help you get familiar with the features offered here at Friendly Photo Zone. If you need any further information, don't hesitate to contact us!

PhotoLink Coming Soon!

What is the FPZ PhotoLink? In its simplest terms, the PhotoLink is a directory of everything that is photography. Think "Yellow Pages for Photographers". An all-encompassing resource to help photographers find information on retail locations, equipment, other photographers, etc. Need to find a camera store in your area? Look it up in the PhotoLink. Need to know if a retailer is any good? There might be a review for that very retailer in the PhotoLink. Want to learn more about a specific lens? It's probably in here, along with tons of user reviews and links to professional reviews. Can't find it in the PhotoLink? Make a request for it to be added!


About FPZ Guilds

More than just the simple user groups offered elsewhere, the FPZ Guilds allow members to create organizations with specific goals or interests within our community. Is there a specific brand you're interested in discussing? Perhaps you have an older Alpa camera and would like help learning how to make best use of it? Then join the Alpa Guild! Alpa Guild doesn't exist? Then create it!


The Benefits of Registering

We offer many features that are only available to registered members. Registration is free and takes a couple of minutes so please, come and join in.Smile


About The Forum

The forum is a place where people of all skill levels from Beginner to Pro, Wedding Photographer to Fine Artist can come to discuss the Image, the Process, the Equipment and the Photographic Industry. We all have something to offer, and can all learn from each other, all photographers are welcome here.


Blog Coming Soon!

A great way to communicate with the world. Tell your story, and share it with everyone! Build up an audience, become famous!


Gallery Coming Soon!

A brand new gallery app is being developed for FPZ and is coming soon! This new app will make it easy to show off your work and share your pictures with other community members. More details will be available soon, so stay tuned!


Contests Coming Soon!

A brand new contest app is being developed for FPZ and is coming soon! This new app will make it easy to suggest, create and manage photographic contests of all types and for all skill levels. Stay tuned for more information, we'll be sure and make an announcement as soon as this new app is ready!


Critique Coming Soon!

FPZ's upcoming Critique app is a whole new way of requesting and giving critique to help all members take their photography to the next level. This app will enable all photographers of every skill level to submit pictures for critique. Good critique gets rewarded, bad critique gets shafted, and everyone benefits. Different categories, skill level tiers and a wide range of critics will allow all FPZ members to benefit in many ways.