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I am the Friendly Photo Zone Administrator. However, I am not a real person. If you need any help with the site, please get in touch with a member of the FPZ Team.

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A guild based on your region can help you meet other photographers who live nearby. This doesn't have to be limited to just cities or states.
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Want to give your existing organization a home on FPZ? This can be a company with employees, or a photography club or any other kind of organization.
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Photographers are very brand-centric by nature. The guilds in this category should help you find any answers you may have regarding products within a specific brand. This doesn't have to be limited to camera brands, it can also include, lenses, film, accessories and anything else.
0 Categories | 1 Guild | Open, Approval
Are you devoted to a specific photography style? Or perhaps you want to learn more about a new style? From street to landscape, portraiture to candid, the guilds here aim to meet your needs.
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There are a lot of photography formats, each with their own particular facets. From Digital Point and Shoot to Medium Format Film and anything between and beyond, the guilds here revolve around your preferred format.
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For all your Pentax needs! This guild offers guidance, support and information for all Pentax users. Come join us and discuss your Pentax gear to your heart's content!
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