Contests Coming Soon!

Contests are a fun, rewarding way of testing your skills and interacting with your fellow community members. However, contests can also be difficult to organize, manage and judge fairly. To simplify the management of contests, we'll be bringing you the FPZ Community Contests application.

Community Contests will make it easier to create, manage, judge and award winners for all types of contests. From regular recurring contests (ie. Picture Of The Month) to themed contests (ie. Summer Vacation) and any other type you can think of. Contests can be open to everyone, or restricted to members who meet specific criteria. Different rewards can be won, like points or medals. Even different voting methods can be determined to ensure that the judging is adequate for the type of contest being run.

Full integration with the FPZ Member Gallery will make it simple to enter contests and keep track of pictures which have won. Winning pictures will be given an award, which will be displayed alongside the picture wherever it shows up on the site.

And this is just scratching the surface. We aim to make the Community Contests application one of the highlights of FPZ. We'll be sure to update this page with any new information as it becomes available, so check back later!