Critique Coming Soon!

Looking to bring your photography to the next level? One of the best ways to do this is through critique from other photographers. Maybe you're just too invested in your own picture to see the forest for the trees (to coin a phrase), and an unbiased observer is just the ticket to unblock your perception. Or maybe you're a professional in need of an edge to make that great picture even better and maximize its value. Critique is a fantastic tool to fine-tune your skills. Both receiving and giving critique can provide you with an insight into photography that you may not have realized you were missing.

We intend to make the FPZ Critique application the centerpiece of our community. With it, you'll be able to ask for critique, give critique to others, and learn from other members' insight. Good critique will be rewarded and bad critique will automatically be shoved out of sight. Basic tiers will allow everyone to get their feet wet and learn about the process. Advanced tiers will provide more advanced photographers with better quality critique from proven critics. Private tiers will allow professional photographers to receive critique from experienced critics without having to show their valuable work to the public until it's ready.

Integration with the FPZ Member Gallery will make it easy to submit pictures for critique, and a management page will allow you to keep track of your pictures so you can stay up to date on your critique submissions. All critique submissions will be archived so new members can learn from the process.

We look forward to bringing you this service as soon as possible. We'll be sure to update this page with any new information as it becomes available.