How To Develop Black & White Film

Step 2 – Mixing the Developer

Read mixing charts carefullyRead mixing charts carefullyYou need to know the capacity of your tank – Paterson tanks tell you on the bottom the capacity in ml or ounces of the tank per roll and size of film. For example a 35mm roll takes Put on your glovesPut on your gloves290ml total fluid my tank but a 120 roll takes 500ml. You need to know this because this step is dependent on it. So…looking at the developer information, in this case on the bottle, you will need to mix up some for use. Note: there are a LOT of developers out there with their own peculiarities, this is a general guide and I really cannot cover all the bases here. So read your directions and have a plan.

Measure out the developer...Measure out the developer...Put on your gloves.

...then add water at the appropriate temperature...then add water at the appropriate temperatureLauder 761 is a Kodak D-76 clone. It’s made to be used several ways but mostly at a 1:1 (equal parts) ratio. So pour ½ of the total volume 290ml/2 is um…145ml. Ok, now take its temperature. Let say it’s 66F so…let’s see ratio is 1:1 so I need another 145ml of water at hmmm…70F! That should work out to just about 68F.

I do this by measuring the tap water and getting it to about my desired temperature and filling up my cylinder to my total volume. Check the temperature again. Close to 68F? +/-1F should be ok so great let’s do it!