How Are You Exposing? There's No Wrong Answer

Moose Petersen guest-hosts at B&H Insights and details why although there are numerous formulae for exposure, that may not get you the shot you're looking for. Although a perfectly exposed photo may get you high marks in a class, does the picture have passion? Does it speak to you? Did you get all the colour you could from the shot? Mr. Petersen shares a few tips that have helped him throughout his careeer.

Moose Petersen writes:

Have you ever wondered what exposure really is for? If you look at a histogram, you would naturally think exposure is meant to move those peaks and valleys around to produce information in your photograph. And you'd be right! If you use "blinkies" like I do, you might think exposure is all about bringing the highlights down so you don't lose any information. And you'd be right! And with that, I would argue that we're missing what exposure is all about. I would argue that exposure is all about communicating the emotion we are feeling that moment we go click, not some value on a graph.

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