FPZ POS Point & Shoot Shootout Judging!

Welcome to the FPZ POS Point & Shoot Shootout judging section. The shootout submission guidelines can be found here. While the shootout was originally supposed to span 3 different categories, the limited number of entries make it more logical to just have one overall category instead.

Below you'll find all the entries listed in random order. The voting happens at the bottom of the page. Each member gets 3 votes which they can cast any way they want. You can vote 3 times for the same picture, or once for 3 different pictures, etc.

Voting will run for 2 weeks and end on Friday September 30th, 2011. At that time, we'll tabulate the results and announce the winner.

Here are the FPZ POS Point & Shoot Shootout Submissions

Statue And ????


Madoc Sunrise


Nice Pants


Yellow Flower


Lady Of Spain


Mr Turtle


Fake Ladybug


Fine Detail


Orange Bugs


Golden Sunset


Dunes By Irene